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The Travel Blog

We are a family of 5 that love the outdoors and love to travel. We have been dreaming of traveling the country by RV for years, and now we are dipping our toes in the water.

We started this site so we could chronicle our RV adventure(s). We are starting out with a 6-week trip that will take us from St. Louis to Portland with many great stops in between. On the way out we hope to meet many friends old and new along the way, and see some of the world's wonders.

We hope to make this a regular travel blog as we continue this adventure over the years. We hope you enjoy the ride with us.

Click the Follow Along button below to read up on our latest adventures, or check out some of the special sections we have created below, including RV rookie tips, a kid's corner where we want to encourage our kids to chronicle our adventure from their point of view, and Angela's Corner where she shares her views and thoughts, shaped by her years of business leadership, entrepreneurship, and of course motherhood.

Here we go!

Ride Along

This should be a pretty epic journey with lots of ups and downs along the way. We hope to share the raw and real journey with you. Click follow along to read about our latest adventures.

RV Tips & Tricks

This is all new to us. But that means we are seeing this from a fresh perspective and learning as we roll along. We hope to help you better understand how we do things on the road. Explore great tips and tricks we learn as we explore RV travel.

Full Hearted

Angela Ricketts' writings on turning the everyday encounters into the extraordinary. Angela uses her years of entrepreneurship, business leadership, and motherhood to create insight and actionable advice.


Kid's Corner

We want to create a place for Nadia, Kai, and Augustina to share their own reflections of life on the road. We hope to be able to look back on the trip from their point of view and experience the wonder of travel from the eyes of our children