Day 1 In The Books: No One Dead Or Mamed

Day 1 of the adventure is pretty much in the book and I would pretty much call it a success. No one dead, no one hurt, and no sewer or hookup disasters. About to put on a movie and get the trailer organized for another day of travel.

One funny thing we did today was keeping track of how many times one of whined, cussed, or otherwise got ticky. It was kind of like swear jar golf. I felt since I was driving I should get at least a 10 point handicap, but no one else agreed. My honest score would probably be around a 25 or so. Not too bad for me. It actually really helped keep the kids aware of their behavior.

Loved Kansas City. It kind of reminds me of all the good stuff about St. Louis... It is a reminder that we have some work to do in the St. Louis region. I could spend a week here at least.



1 thought on “Day 1 In The Books: No One Dead Or Mamed”

  1. I am so thrilled and excited for you! As much as we travel in our RV, I intend to live vicariously through your adventures. Stay safe and take deep gulps of this wonderful country.

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