First Major Meltdown of The Trip

First of all, Boulder was amazing. We got to meet up with my friend Greg who also owns a cleaning business with locations in Denver and Boulder. He was a great host, and it was great to meet his wife and three kids. Our kids had a great time together and I love how kids make such fast friends.

The meltdown happened on the way to Chautauqua Park. Angela had to make an emergency "pit stop" and I was left in the car for 20 minutes. After Nadia had teased Kai for about 10 minutes, he had the brilliant idea to spit a mouthful of water on her. Full on meltdown ensued. I was physically restraining her from killing Kai. Two people literally walked up to make sure everything was ok. I am sure it looked like quite the scene.

When Angela got back things settled down and we got on our way. Great lunch on Pearl Street at West Flander's brew

Small world was in full effect today in Boulder as well. When we dropped into the Prana store on Pearl we ran into Andi. We had met her when she worked at Ivivva in St. Louis and had done a photo shoot with Nadia. It was really fun to talk with her and learn about her journey from St. Louis, to Portland, and now Boulder.

Small world. Good to see you Andi.

Great lunch on Pearl Street at West Flander's brewery. A quick stop at the Patagonia store for some provisions and we were on our way. Not much driving today. Just a few hours north to Laramie, WY and tomorrow we will head to Grand Teton's National Park. Hopefully we will have some luck and grab a first come first serve spot at Colter Bay in the park.

My big takeaway from the day is that even with an epic meltdown at the center of the day, we were able to get back on track and enjoy the day.