Oops… Glad that wasn’t us

We all have bad days from time to time, but if it makes you feel any better, this bus driver was probably having a worse day than most of us. I am just glad it wasn't us. He went the wrong way up one of the paths at Garden of The Gods and it did not end well when he tried to take a turn around.

Colorado Springs and the Pike's Peak area are beautiful. I will definitely give myself more time in that area on a future trip to Colorado. As it was, there was hardly any availability to stay there, and we were only able to secure one night at a not so great, overly packed RV park. Commercial RV parks are definitely hit or miss. This one was more miss. But it did have this little gem.

This was a "diner" that was being run at the Garden of The Gods RV Resort.

Being a little short on time and wanting to see as much as possible, I decided to book us an off-road Jeep tour through Garden of The Gods. That was a great decision and will be something we all remember for years to come. Check out the pictures below, and I will try to post some funny videos to youtube as well.