Owned the Trailer 20 Minutes. Almost Popped the Tires.

So pulling a 35ft trailer is a bit of an adventure sometimes. In fact, we learned that in the first 20 minutes of owning our brand new monstrosity.

As I left the RV lot and made my first left turn onto a major road, I had some kind of mental fart that allowed me to forget that I was towing a ginormous trailer behind me. I took the run to sharp, and the trailer followed me inside my turn path. It was headed right for a median. No bid deal except there were two nasty pieces of metal sticking up from the median. Remnants of a sign some other new RV owner had taken out as he or she made the same mistake.

What amplified this who situation to near disaster levels is that it was it was rush hour traffic on a Friday, and I now needed to back the trailer up into oncoming traffic to rectify my mistake. I was sure as cars buzzed by at 40 plus miles per hour that I was going to cause a major accident as someone ripped off the back of the trailer at high speed. Back and forth I made micro adjustments so as not to go too far into the oncoming traffic. A few choice cuss words later and I was still on the median, but had maneuvered the trailer wheels around the metal spikes and kerplunk I was back on the road.

The highlight of this was as we were pulling onto the highway, the nice gentleman in the pickup truck that wanted to make sure I knew I was a Moron. Thank you, sir. I wasn’t feeling bad enough at that moment. But I recovered and remembered it was just my pride I had hurt. It was a pretty good lesson. I know make wide turns. Left and Right.