The Shitter’s Full Clark

No pictures for this post.

Today was the first day of the new office we are starting out in Portland. I put in about a 14 hour day, and overall got a ton accomplished. My partner Liz Trotter and I met the new teams, hired 2 new employees, and set up the new office. Really got a ton accomplished in one day, it would be boring to list it all, but really excited about some things that got done, and the team we have to start with in Portland.

We had our first mishap of the trip with the RV earlier in the day. Angela had tried to pop popcorn. She had the air conditioner running and with the microwave running at the same time, it popped the outside connections circuit breaker. She didn’t know that at the time and called me trying to troubleshoot. I talked her through the problem, but after a long day with the kids at the park and playing in the sun she was not amused.

I pulled up to the RV at about 7:30 PM with a trip to Costo in my future and supplies I still needed to pick up for the new office. But I came home to the text message above. We had managed to clog the RV toilet. I knew immediately that I had a very nasty job ahead of me.

I grabbed the truck and filled it with supplies for the new office. All the while dreading going back to the RV. When I got back I tried to make some calls and figure out a solution that did not involve me, but I could not find anyone that could come out tonight. I asked our RV park neighbor if he knew anyone to call, and he had some helpful suggestions. Including lending me a “wand” to help clear things out.

The wand is a device you push down into the clog and turn on the high-pressure water to clear out the solid waste. I imagined things going very wrong with this thing.

As I pushed it into the nasty and turned it on, the clog immediately cleared. I went ahead and closed the tank and filled the system with water, opened it back up and cleared it again. Everything was working right as rain. And I only got a little bit of splash back of, water (hopefully) on my arms.

All in all a less than pleasant experience, but I survived it. On to the next mishap.

3 thoughts on “The Shitter’s Full Clark”

  1. Water is your best friend for pooping in a camper. Fill it first, do your biz, then loads of water to wash down. Or the dreaded poop pyramid! Following along with your adventures, loving every minute of your journey! Safe travels!

  2. Yep. I forgot to close the black water after I drained it last. It was my own fault.

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