Take Off

Tomorrow we are ready to take off and hit the road out to the Wild Wild West! I’m ready to see most of these states for the first time and take it all in! I’ve been dreaming of this for some time now. We have gone to several RV shows in the past and finally bit the bullet and bought ourselves a Rig!

For many people this year it may seem like we bought an RV based on the urgency for our son Kai to see all the wonders the world or I should say the United States for now. That was a piece to play in it but again our dreaming of RVing started long before he was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease causing early vision loss (Retinitis Pigmentosa). 

This year has definitely put things in perspective and definitely made us look at the world a little different. All the things we take for granted and one of them being the gift of sight.  For my son, the doctors are still unsure how things will play out during his childhood. But as parents, we are taking one day at a time and are ready to go on many adventures.

One of the first losses of RP can be night vision. It makes it very difficult to see in dim or dark conditions. One of the signs is the loss of seeing stars at night. When we took the RV out in April we were at a state park with a full night sky of stars. Later that week I figured the doctors would be asking about the stars which sure enough they did. So I took Kai outside in the pitch black of night with beautiful stars illuminating down on us. I was hoping he would say something first so finally, I asked “Do you see the stars?” Kai looked all around the skyline trying to find a star. “I think I can,” he said as he was moving his head in search of them. I ask him to point to one star and after a few moments he points to the strongest and brightest of them all. “There it is,” he points very proudly. And then he proclaims “It’s the star that leads to Jesus!”

How often have I focused on what I can’t see or what I lack in life? When in return there is a thousand things to be grateful for just shining back at me. 

Sight is something we all take for granted that it’s always going to be there. For my son Kai my hope is that it will be. May this journey reawaken my senses and to remember the stars are always there shining regardless if we can see them or not.