Taking Pictures

Today Matt taught Nadia to use his camera. Nadia is a very creative child and is always using some creative art medium to find expression. I was so proud of her and thrilled to see her excitement and confidence as she aimed her lens capturing some really incredible scenery. 

At our office when I used to hold team meetings I talked about the pair of glasses we put on in the morning. I love to use a visual to try to get to the point I’m usually trying to make! But the truth is depending on the type of glasses you want to look out that day will reflect how you perceive the world.

I can only hope that Nadia can continue to refocus her lenses and take pictures even when the days don’t seem so picturesque because you know we all have days like that! I’ve had to take double takes sometimes and still, my glasses get fogged up! A great quote by W. B. Yeats is “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”