The Shake Out Trip

We have taken the RV out on a couple trips since we got it a couple months back. Including one longer trip to Tulsa and back. Matt was a speaker at the event, and we made it into a great family workation. We learned a lot on that trip. Especially that our F-150 5.0 with the V8 was a little under powered for the longer trips.

We met up with our friends who also just bought a camper and had a great time with them. They have kids the same age as our oldest, so they got along great. Nadia keeps asking when we will be meeting up with Ellie and Alex for our next adventure. Hopefully, it will be in the next couple of months.

The best lesson we learned from that first trip is to just be patient. Unexpected things are going to happen when you are towing a 35 ft house behind you. Just keep calm and enjoy the ride. It is all part of the experience.