Tilting With Windmills

That pretty much sums up driving through most of Kansas.

Today was hopefully the longest drive of our RV adventure. We drove nearly 600 miles in an attempt to outrun Kansas. Honestly, we got off to a late start this morning that made things a little tougher than they needed to be. Our youngest Augustina woke up with an eye infection, and thank goodness we have a wonderful doctor (plug for Southwest Pediatrics) who called in medicine for her so we could get on our way.

I don’t think I planned to drive all the way to Colorado Springs when I started the day, but once we were a few hours in, we decided to go for it.¬†Probably what gave us the energy to make the push through Kansas, was finally solidifying our 4th of July plans. It seems like a long time off from now, but most of the RV parks, state campgrounds, etc… in Oregon over that weekend are already booked. In fact we have to be out of our site in Portland on the 1st. Angela spent most of the day calling RV parks and campgrounds with no luck.

We were starting to feel a little anxious about the situation. But at 5 PM or so, 2 of the parks called us back. The 1st let Angela know that they might have a spot those days, the camp host might be leaving. The woman promised to call us back tomorrow. Not 10 minutes later, another park called back and let us know they had 1 slot available. The old saying a bird in hand was running through my mind, but the first campground was an amazing place, with great sites and steps from the beach. I told Angela to call them back tomorrow morning and we rolled the dice.

Angela called the first campground back and got the word that she was able to confirm us for a site at Seal Rock Cove¬†for the 1st of July to the 5th. I don’t know what it was about this moment, whether it was the excitement of getting an amazing location for the 4th of July, minutes from Newport Beach, or the relief of not being homeless over the holiday, either way, it lifted our spirits and pushed on for the day.

Hopefully the views whew we wake up tomorrow morning will have made the long drive in the long trailer worth the extra effort.